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AI Assistants Builder

Create AI Assistant using OpenAI, Claude & Azure models. Connect to your tools and database with no code!

Ship as API, Chatbot with HTML embed widget, WhatsApp bot, Telegram bot and more! Full flexibility with low-code.

Build on the Most
Popular AI Models

Visually, No-Code Required

One click to connect and ship

Plug in your API key and start building the logic for your assistant. When ready ship as an API, chat widget, workflow, schedule job.

Secure Integration to your database

Connect to your database securely, with authentication checks in place.

Generate your own action nodes

If any integration is missing, use AI to generate one on the fly.

No code function calling

Make your Assistant powerful by connecting with any third party tools or APIs to build function calling without using code. Browse through 100s of ready-made nodes.

Plugin Chat Widget to any website

Add the open-source chat widget to any websites. From Webflow, Framer, Wix, Wordpress to apps on FlutterFlow, Webstudio, and even Next.js and React apps.

Bots anywhere!

From WhatsApp bot to Telegram bot - easy create any type of bot with ready made integrations or API.

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