Get started with building
AIĀ Assistants without code

Watch the intro video below to get started or read the step-by-step instructions to setup your AI Assistant.

Step 1: Clone the AI Assistant templates

Start fast by cloning one of the templates below or if you prefer you can start from scratch by creating an account on BuildShip - a low-code backend platform


Step 2: Connect to AIĀ model and tools

You can build AIĀ Assistant on any model - from Anthropic Claude / OpenAI / Azure. In the node of your AIĀ Assistant, add your API key of the model from respective account. Your API key is stored securely inĀ Google Cloud Secret Manager in your own project.

Then fill the rest of the fields of the AIĀ Assistant node by providing detailed prompt, instructions and connecting to the tools or function calling that you want your AIĀ Assistant should use for taking actions. Read full documentation.

Visually add functions and tools!

Step 3: Ship your bot - as API, Chatbot, Whatsapp bot + more

šŸ‘‰ Once ready simply deploy the workflow using Ship button and you will have a fully workflow ready for your usecase.

You can ship your AIĀ Assistant as an API, scheduled job or Chat Widget. With Chatbot you get a ready to use embeddable widget with just a few lines of HTML code into any nocode frontend website builder like Webflow, Wix, Framer, Wordpress or apps onĀ FlutterFlow, WeWeb, Bubble or Next.js, React etc.

Step 4: Give it a spin

Send a message to your Assistant and see the message on your BuildShip account and watch the response coming in from OpenAI / Claude 3 / Azure.


In case of any questions with the setup, join our Discord to chat with us and share what you are building, we would love to help you out.

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