AI Bot
AI Bot
whatsapp bot demo

Start fast like no-code. Tweak for any usecase with the power of low-code. Open source, free, and fully extensible.

Learn how to build powerful AI Bots in low-code

Image bot
Image bot

Build image based bots that can generate, or edit images anyway you want. Use any model like Stable Diffusion, Dall-E

Voice bot
Voice bot

Send voice message and get audio response, using Open AI Whisper and Text to speech models

Voice and text bot
Text bot

Combine voice, text and any model to build powerful bot for your business

Build AI bot visually

Manage database, build Cloud Functions visually on a lowcode platform that can scale flexibly on Google Cloud

Clone, Tweak, Deploy

Start like no-code with templates. Tweak and with integrate to any service effortlessly. Deploy with one click to Google Cloud.

whatsapp bot demo
whatsapp bot demo
twitter bot
Integrate with any service

Whatsapp, Twitter, SMS, MMS, Telegram - build any bot with APIs, Twilio connects or create your own with full flexibility.

Why low-code on BuildShip?

BuildShip is a low-code visual backend builder that gives you instant ready to use templates for building AI bots.

google cloud AI bot
Scalable backend

BuildShip gives you low-code way to build on Google Cloud to scale your bot to millions of users.

No Code Templates with Low Code flexibility

Don't worry about limitations of no-code. You can change bot logic flexibly. Use any API, NPMs, and even code in javascript/typescript.

Ready made integrations

Instant webhooks and pre-built Cloud Functions and connectors to Whatsapp, Twilio, Open and more.

Data security and privacy

Your data, API keys and Cloud Functions are secure on your own Google Cloud project

Airtable-like database UI

Manage your database on a familiar spreadsheet UI.

team collaboration
Collaborate with your team

Invite your team with granular access control to manage the data and build any task workflows.

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